Psychological Assessments

What kind of psychological assessments does Durham Psychologists offer?

We offer psychological assessment services for a variety of purposes for ages 16 and up:

  • Disability Applications
  • Medico-legal
  • Careers
  • Academic
  • Diagnostic
  • Criminal Court (i.e. risk assessment)

Does Durham Psychologists offer assessments for children and/or adolescents?


UPDATE (June 30, 2016):  The following services are temporarily unavailable.  We apologize for inconvenience.


Yes, at Durham Psychologists, we offer comprehensive psychoeducational assessments for developmental challenges.

  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Neurological Conditions (head injury, cerebral palsy, etc.)
  • Mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc)
  • Behavioural problems … etc.

A psychological assessment can be useful in many different areas. It can be used to identify both strengths and weaknesses within your child/adolescent; this can produce recommendations for academic/behavioural remediation, determination of disability status, clinical treatment planning, etc.


Who completes the assessments?

The psychological assessments are completed by our highly trained and licensed practitioners (psychologists or psychological associates). We do not delegate part of or all of the procedures to psychometrists. The consistency we promote ensures the best possible quality of service.


What is involved in an assessment?

In a typical psychological assessment, the following steps are followed:

  • Review of documents from other professionals
  • Interviews of the patient (and/or parents/guardians)
  • Behavioral observations
  • Psychometric testing
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Arriving at a diagnosis
  • Completing a comprehensive written report
  • Follow-up appointment to explain the results and recommendations.

How long does it take before receiving the final report?

It is our priority to make our service the most time-efficient possible. Most reports are completed within 2 weeks after the last testing appointment. Rush service can also be arranged upon request.


How much does it cost?

Prior to the assessment taking place, you will be provided with a detailed written quote and verbal explanation regarding the assessment directly from the clinician. This will ensure that you are well informed and are in control of which service(s) you agree to receive prior to making any decisions.


Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like to proceed with scheduling an assessment.